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Burial Ground

The Parish Council owns and manages the Burial Ground which is located just off Water Lane with a driveway running alongside The Cloth Hall. This site was purchased by the Parish Council in the 1960s for Parishioners as the Churchyard was at capacity. The Burial Ground is bisected by a narrow path running down the middle with plots on both sides. It is possible for Parishioners to reserve a plot should they wish to do so although all enquiries must be directed to the Clerk via 

The site is accessed from Water Lane; there is some parking immediately outside the Burial Ground.

The Parish Council would be grateful if Parishioners could kindly ensure that any Christmas wreaths placed at the Burial Ground are removed in due course. There are no facilities for waste disposal at the burial ground. All waste must be taken home and this includes plant material and packaging.

Smarden Parish Council Burial Ground